Our Mission

At B-Gaming, our main goal is to provide optimal solutions for each Lottery’s specific requirements, offering a comprehensive service that allows stakeholders to have absolute control over every instance in the betting process, from placement to distribution, validation and processing.

We are an Argentinian company with a sound track record as an informatics solutions provider. Our vast experience as industry innovators, our highly professional management personnel and human group, together with our vast expertise and extensive client portfolio position us as industry leaders in the country.


Robustness + Reliability

The permanent growth of the economic and financial results, together with a robust capital position consolidates B-Gaming S.A. as a reliable partner for the investor community and confirms our leadership in the industry.

This is evidenced by the fact that the different lottery institutions have experienced a general increase in their economic results following the systematization of their sales networks. This achievement was possible thanks to the dedicated service, the commitment and the expertise of our team of professionals.


Cutting Edge Technology

We are the country’s leading company in the development of technological solutions aimed at systematizing state lotteries’ bets, incorporating placement, communication, validation and information processing on real-time online mode.


We have been frontrunners in the market, in charge of the first systematization carried out in the country, thus increasing the processing volume. We conduct business in the main provinces in the country and are backed by the institutional support of Boldt S.A., a company with a track record of over 85 years in the market providing turnkey services and comprehensive consultancy service for the official provincial lotteries. In addition to this, we also develop administrative management systems.

Our expertise positions us as expert providers for a comprehensive range of services –from technology and control and logistic systems for equipment and inputs supply to marketing support, and technological and commercial training programs for lottery agents. All this makes us strategic partners for those who continuously put their trust in technological innovation.


The Creation of B-Gaming

Resolute to continue growing in an increasingly globalized business sector, we at Boldt S.A. made the most important decision over the last years –to reorganize our business structure and give raise to a new limited company: B-Gaming. S.A.


Excellence in
Human Resources

Our multidisciplinary team has an ample experience in the development of technological solutions for systematizing games-of-chance related information, a decisive factor when it comes to position our company as a market leader.

Our leading-edge management, focused on each business area, work next to highly specialized teams of professionals to research, locate, customize and incorporate the latest technologies available in the market.

With excellence and creativity at the core of our Human Resources, we consolidate our innovative presence in the Argentinian market, foreseeing the needs and expectations of our clients and projecting our growth on a regional level.

Our Clients